Album Art and Design

I’ve had the honor of designing and creating the art and layout for a wide variety of musicians over the years. Here are just a few of them. Creating the art and layout is a very collaborative process between the artist and the musicians; these are just the end products of a lengthy process.

Outer cover for Sunnie Larsen’s album, ‘The Space Between Notes’





Sunnie's Inside Cover 07
Inner art for Sunnie Larsen’s album, ‘The Space Between Notes. In progress; text was still being added when this was taken.
CD Art for Sunnie Larsen’s album; the circle of the CD goes just outside the arc of the violin body.


Shrodinger's Cover 02
Art and Design for Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff’s album ‘Shroedinger’s Hairball’
Schrodinger's Cover Inside
Inside spread for ‘Schroedinger’s Hairball’
Scott Cover Final1
Cover and Back cover for Scott Snyder’s ‘Rock and Roll to Hit’ album
Scott Inside Final 4
Inside spread of Scott’s album
Scott Disc Art 2
Disc art.


Rain Front Cover 3h
Outer cover art and design for Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff’s album ‘I Remember the Rain’
Inside cover 7
Inside spread


Rowan & Storm Cover 10-7-2014
Cover and back for TwoTonic’s album, ‘Rowan and Storm’.
Rowan & Storm Inside Tray 10-7-2014 Katy2
Inside spread for Twotonic’s album.
Rowan & Storm Disc Print3
Disc art for TwoTonic’s album.


Jodi Cover3b
Final Cover art before text was added for Jodi Krangle’s Album ‘Time Will Tell’.
Thumbnail Roughs3
Concept Roughs for Jodi’s Album art
Jodi Disc art doodle
Disc art for Jodi’s album, before text was added.


6pp ECOpack with booklet tunnel
Outer cover art for Playing Rapunzel’s Album ‘Hanging By a Hair’
6pp ECOpack with booklet tunnel
Inside cover art and layout for Playing Rapunzel’s album.
CD Art Playing Rapunzel 01
Disc art for Playing Rapunzel’s album.


Faux Album Photography, layout and design for Ookla the Mok



Mahrou Cover 12Mahrou Inside Tray 6cMahrou Disc Roses 01

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